Friday, 3 June 2011

On Spring

The winter may have been long, but I thouroughly enjoyed it.  Spring however, was a little on the short side.  It is now the end of May and I can already feel in my bones the itchiness of the sun and the heat of the mosquitoes.  A nawing regret that the snow doesn't fall anymore and the unbearable face rubbing that comes from hayfever.

The start of the snow melt and bluebird skies

Yes the spring came, the spring went, and in its path it has left a Moscow that is starting to come alive.  The old, sour faced women on the metro have been replaced by short dresses and the smiles of beautiful girls.  There are beer gardens crowding the pavements, and there are people drinking into the wee small hours of the night (not that that didn't happen before, they can just do it outside with even more gusto).  The small pangings that i had had for the tropical climes of Cambodia have been replaced by a deep longing for "real rain."  So far ive only experienced itt at a BBQ picnic, which turned out to be a complete an utter wash out.

Beer gardens and shaslik at Victory Park

Relaxing in the shade at Patriarch's Pond

The snow melt in some places was a thing to behold.  Whole areas of land that had been glaciated simply became marshland and then grassy fields in a matter of days.

Marshland at Kuntsevo

Taking the snow away

Spring was interesting month alright.  It brought my parents to Moscow: thankfully they had great weather and a great time.  They met the girl and the girl met them, which went very well (of course), and my mother experienced her (first?) stadium gig.

Parents and Ukrainian vodka

Roger Waters was great gig.  The Wall being built behind the performers in the first half of the show, they then performing on the outside in the second half, and finally knocking it down! What a great experience, and one that I dont think can be repeated.

The Wall

Spring also brought a holiday to Kaliningrad (worthy of at least one blog of its own, probably 2), a place that is Russia, but is not in Russia, and a great, but more importantly, relaxing time was time was had!

Kaliningrad Gothic Cathedral

Spring is also the season of not teaching teenagers/kids, so I should have more time to blog (sorry Anna!), whether i will is a different matter (really, very sorry Anna!).

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  1. Haha! I love your (infrequent!) blog posts Duncan! Although I am keen to know more about life in Moscow - send me a long email at least! How long are you planning to stay there ... trying to work out how I can fit it into my travel schedule!